West of England metals and materials association

WEMMA constitution


The West of England Metals & Materials Association (WEMMA) is a non-profit-making local society affiliated to the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3). The WEMMA covers the South-West of England with the exception of Cornwall and is bounded by Wales to the West, by Birmingham and the West Midlands to the North and by Oxford and the Home Counties to the East.


The WEMMA exists to provide a regional service for members of the IOM3 by promoting the educational and professional interests of metallurgists, materials scientists & mining engineers; particularly by supporting their continuing professional development through meetings and events.


Members of the IOM3 can join the WEMMA (and, if they choose, one other local society). The WEMMA also has members who pay an annual subscription who may or may not be members of the IOM3. The WEMMA membership list is held by the WEMMA Secretary.


Most activities of the WEMMA are funded by the IOM3 and are free for attendees; however, the WEMMA may ask for contributions for some events. The WEMMA reimburses necessary expenses including those of speakers contributing to its events. WEMMA events may by funded or part-funded by sponsorship and other fundraising activities. The WEMMA Treasurer shall provide audited accounts to the IOM3 for each financial year and provide a report to each WEMMA AGM.


The affairs of the WEMMA are governed by its committee. Members of the committee shall be members of the IOM3 and elected at the WEMMA AGM. Officers of the committee include: the WEMMA President, Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Vacancies remaining from the AGM or occurring during the year may be filled by the committee. At least seven days notice shall be given of each meeting of the committee including the AGM.

Annual general meeting (AGM)

The WEMMA shall hold an AGM, normally in the summer at the end of each year’s WEMMA programme. The agenda shall include:

Apologies for absence
Minutes of previous AGM
Chair’s report
Secretary’s report
Treasurer’s report
Election of officers.

An AGM shall be held at intervals not exceeding fifteen months. The quorum for an AGM is five members of the WEMMA three of which shall be members of the committee. Minutes shall be kept of an AGM.

Interpretation & amendment of constitution

The WEMMA committee is the sole authority for the interpretation and amendment of this constitution. Any such change shall only be made at an AGM or a general meeting of the committee subject to the same requirements for notification, quorate attendance and minuting as for an AGM.

Martin LAMB