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Joining composites - Joint lecture with BCS

Sean COOPER, Tods Aerospace

In engineered composite structures, joints are commonplace; however, achieving a successful, lasting joint between composite materials is no simple undertaking. With a wide variety of different composite materials being manufactured and various niche applications for composites appearing across a range of industries, it is important to understand the range of joining techniques available.

So...Where to start for a design, manufacturing or research engineer when considering the use of composite material ? The lecture will introduce the concept of joining composites and provide an overview of the techniques used for thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials. The advantages and disadvantages of techniques such as mechanical fastening, adhesive bonding and ultrasonic welding will be explored. The lecture will outline a case-study thermoplastic welding technique developed by Tods Aerospace and close with an open discussion and questions.


Arrive for 19:00 on Wednesday Nov 8, 2017

Venue: Bridgwater college

Members and non-members are welcome.

There will be light refreshments before the talk.

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Composite Joint - Tods Aerospace

Composite joint