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Alexander L Kielland semi-submersible drilling rig - source

Catastrophic weld failures


Part of the bracing of the Alexander L Kielland that failed - source

Welding is an enabling technology that is fundamental to many economically vital and visually exciting structures such as bridges, ships and offshore structures. Society expects these structures to perform safely for many years. However, not all of them do. The consequences of these structural failures can be devastating. The presentation will review catastrophic failures in bridges, boilers, ships and offshore structures. The main engineering reasons for each failure will be described. Lessons will be drawn from each case study and it will be shown how these lessons have been used to develop current engineering design practice.

Geoff has been closely involved with many aspects of welding for more than 30 years. He has provided consultancy services for industry and has also managed research projects through his work at TWI. He teaches International Welding Engineer courses and at the Open University and his leisure activities are all concerned with avoiding gardening.

Fractures on the Alexander L Kielland - source


Arrive for 19:30

Wednesday Jan 10, 2018

Venue: University of Bristol BS8 1TL - School of Physics 3rd floor - Berry Lecture theatre

Members and non-members are welcome.

The talk will be followed by a discussion and buffet.

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