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Ceramics — from the Oldest to the New


Prof Ron Stevens, Bath University

Venue: University of the West of England, Room 2D07

Wednesday May 14, 2008 at 19:30 — one week later than in programme

The oldest known man-made material is fired clay and evidence has come to light of artificially shaped fire-hearths in Greece that date back ca. 25 000 years. The development of civilization has been based on the use of materials and machines. Conjointly with this, culture has been developed and recorded in ceramic art and ceramics have been used for national records of events. Ceramics play a major role in our present way of life. The lecture will expand on these themes to bring together the old technologies and the new sciences ranging from the toughening of zirconia, a singular breakthrough in the development of novel materials, the development of ceramic superconductors to the development of nano-materials and the self ordering of these materials into nanotubes.

Terracotta Warriors Nanotubes

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