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Making a mark Techniques for development and imaging of fingerprint and footwear impressions

Steve Bleay, Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB)

Venue: Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution

Wednesday November 3, 2010 at 19:30

The talk will discuss the history of the use of both fingerprint and footwear evidence for identification and focus on the wide range of techniques that are used to enhance fingerprint and footwear marks. In determining which technique to use, factors such as the type of surface the mark is on, the environmental conditions and any contaminant that the mark is in all play a role. The effect of some of these factors on process selection will be described and examples given to demonstrate what can go wrong if incorrect techniques are selected. The methodology used by HOSDB to validate which processes are most appropriate for use will be described as will the use of sequential processing routes to maximize the amount of evidence recovered.

The talk will be followed by a discussion and buffet.

Members and non-members are welcome.

Fingerprint used to convict in a case of murder A bootprint that may be recognizable
Fingerprint Bootprint

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