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An analysis of the Fukushima accident and its implications for nuclear electricity generation

Dr A J Wickham, Manchester University

Venue: Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution

January 25, 2012 at 19:30

The fourth major nuclear accident in March 2011 caused many nations to reflect on their plans for nuclear generation. A detailed analysis of the evolution of the events based on work by IAEA, AREVA and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in the USA indicates the value of thorough and objective risk analyses from the planning stage of a nuclear site (where - in this instance - geological evidence of previous tsunamis was not fully taken into consideration) through choice of reactor type, operation and decommissioning. The difference between objective and subjective risk analyses is explored further in seeking to define the place of nuclear electricity generation for the future.

Evacuees from near the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants
Fukushima evacuees

Dr A J (Tony) Wickham worked for the UK electricity supply industry for 27 years where he specialized in nuclear graphite technology. Since 1997, he has worked independently for national and international organizations including the IAEA. He is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Manchester University; a Visiting Lecturer at Brighton University; and a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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