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The 267-piece Jigsaw: Body Structure of the Jaguar XK

Andrew Tarpey, Materials Engineering, Jaguar and Land Rover

Venue: University of the West of England, Room 2D07

October 10, 2007 at 19:30

This talk will cover the often disparate targets and requirements placed on the development of the Jaguar XK, launched in spring 2006 to immediate acclaim. Key factors including weight, manufacture, safety, driving performance and style will be addressed and the influence the body structure has on all of these will be explained.

The all-aluminium monocoque body (comprising sheet, castings and extrusions joined by adhesive, self-piercing rivets and a little laser welding) is crucial in delivering the 50 % weight reduction and 21 % stiffness increase over its steel predecessor. In addition, the body is fundamental to the car's exemplary safety performance. Further, a Jaguar must be beautiful; but a low, sleek car could be at a disadvantage in terms of these factors, especially in the convertible guise.

Only by intelligent use of materials can these conflicting requirements be resolved to give the car cited by Top Gear magazine as 'an almost magical conveyance; one whose first-class engineering and pioneering use of advanced materials help it establish a new gold standard for ride quality and driver comfort'. Come and find out how!

Jaguar XK Moving

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